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Additional Club Seat Terms

The following terms and conditions are an integral part of the Club Seat Agreement and, together with the provisions on the reverse side hereof as well as the Seat License Agreement previously executed by Licensor and Licensee comprise the Club Seat Agreement:

1. Rights and Privileges. In addition to the entitlement to purchase Season Tickets for Club Seats to the Games played by the Baltimore Ravens in the Stadium as provided in the Seat License Agreement, Licensee is hereby granted the right of access to the Club Lounges in the Stadium and the other rights and privileges described below (the "Club Seat Privileges"). Such Club Seat Privileges are granted upon and subject to the provisions of this Club Seat Agreement.

2. Club Annual Fee. Obtaining the Season Tickets and entitlement to the Club Seat Privileges each year will be contingent upon timely payment by Licensee to Licensor of an annual fee (the "Club Annual Fee") in the amounts and at the times established by Licensor from time to time, subject, however, to the Price Protection provided for on the reverse side of this Agreement. The Club Annual Fee will be an amount charged per Club Seat and will include the cost of the Season Tickets for such Club Seat.

3. Club Seat Term. In consideration of Licensee's agreement to renew the Season Tickets for the Club Seats by paying the applicable Club Annual Fees for the entire Club Seat Term selected on the reverse side hereof, Licensor agrees that the Annual Fees charged for the Club Seats will not exceed the maximums set forth on the reverse side hereof (Price Protection) corresponding to the Club Seat Term elected by Licensee.

4. Club Seat Privileges. The Club Seat Privileges described above in paragraph 1 will accrue to holder of each Club Seat upon the payment of the Club Annual Fee for such Club Seat, and will be comprised of the following:

  1. The holder of each ticket for admission to the Club Seats will have access to the Club Lounges in the Stadium at all times when such Lounges are open during events at the Stadium for which such tickets for admission for such Club Seat have been obtained by Licensee, with such access to be controlled by such tickets for admission or other means as established by Licensor from time to time;

  2. Special food and beverage options in the Club Lounges and Club Seating areas, including attendant service at all Club Seats, as determined by Licensor from time to time;

  3. The right to purchase the number of VIP parking pass(es) identified on the reverse side hereof with such parking being provided in specially reserved on-site lots for Games played by the Ravens at the Stadium; and

  4. Licensee will be given a priority opportunity to purchase tickets for events at the Stadium other than Games played by the Ravens for which tickets for admission are offered for sale, for seats in such location, at such price and on such other terms as established by Licensor for each such other event.
All such Club Seat Privileges will be subject to reasonable rules and regulations as established by Licensor from time to time. Licensee and Licensee's guests will be bound by and shall observe the terms and conditions upon which tickets for admission to the Stadium are issued by the Baltimore Ravens or by the sponsor or promoter of any other game or event including, without limitation, the policy adopted by the issuer of such tickets with respect to the cancellation or postponement of the game or event. Except as pertains to the Club Seat Privileges, this Agreement does not confer upon Licensee and Licensee's guests any greater or lesser rights and privileges with respect to admission to the Stadium than afforded to other holders of tickets to admission thereto.

5. Strikes. In the event of any strike or other labor disturbance which results in the cancellation of any Game scheduled to be played by the Baltimore Ravens at the Stadium during the term of this Agreement, the Club Annual Fee paid by Licensee for such year will be abated. Such abatement will computed by dividing the total number of Games so cancelled by the total number of Games scheduled during such season, and multiplying that amount by the Club Annual Fee. Any such abatement will be offset against the next succeeding installment of Club Annual Fee payable by Licensee.

6. Default. In the event the Licensee fails to pay any the Club Annual Fee (or any installment thereof) or any other amount when due, Licensor may, at its option: (a) withhold distribution of tickets for the Club Seats for games and events played at the Stadium until such time as such default is cured; and/or (b) terminate the rights of Licensee under this Agreement.

7. Definitions/Seat License Agreement. In addition to the words and terms defined in this Agreement, any words or terms that are defined in the Seat License Agreement shall have the same meaning as used therein. It is the intent and purpose of this Agreement to supplement the terms of the Seat License Agreement in the specific respects provided for herein. The Seat License Agreement is hereby incorporated into this Agreement as if fully rewritten herein. It is understood and agreed that any default under the Seat License Agreement shall constitute a default under this Agreement, and vice versa.


This Club Seat Agreement, together with the Seat License Agreement, contains the entire agreement of the parties with respect to the matters provided for herein, and shall supersede any written instrument or oral agreement previously made or entered into by the parties to this Agreement.

This Agreement, and all the terms and provisions hereof, shall inure to the benefit of and be binding upon the parties hereto and their respective heirs, executors, administrators, personal representatives, successors and permitted assigns. No amendment or modification to this Agreement shall be effective unless the same is in writing and signed by all parties.