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Jerome Bettis

Position: RB Height: 5' 11" Weight: 255 lbs
Bettis ranks fifth on the NFL's all-time rushing list with 13,294 yards. He is one of six players in the NFL with over 13,000 rushing yards.

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June 27, 2007

I saw a horse race once where the winner was not declared until the race people had a chance to look at the �photo finish.�

Boy was it close. There was a bout 3 inches difference between first and second place.

What could that second place horse have done in that mile or so of endeavor? What little bit extra could have won that race? How much extra energy or endurance did that horse need? 5%, 10%??

For three inches in a mile race, the horse needed less than 5% more performance to win.

What about a high school track star? How much extra do they need to go to the Olympics?

Probably about 5% more energy; 5% more mental clarity.

Let�s back up in time.

When the high school student [or professional athlete] sat in the dressing room, what were they breathing? When they were at home in their bedroom, what were they touching?

Most people exposed to mold or some pollutants will show somewhere between 5-10% performance loss.

http://www Husker Football Tickets.canarycoalition.org/abby.html

This is due to:
1. Slightly impaired oxygen uptake
2. Scrambled neurotransmitters that confuse muscle tissue
3. Interference with chemical cycles in the production of energy
4. Mental acuity interference


Molds give off chemicals that mimic natural signal chemicals in the body. These chemicals can cause confusion inside the body. An athlete needs focus not confusion.


Mold loves moist buildings. Can you think of anything wetter than a high school dressing room? And many homes have wet basements or attics.

So if you get rid of the mold in the athletes dressing room and home you can gain 5-10% extra performance, right? Well almost.

Store cleansers

We also have to think about regular chemicals in the home that can also interfere with nerve/muscle junctions.

Most high schools try to get rid of mold and bacteria with bleach. Well, bleach won�t kill mold. But that�s the subject of another article. Bleach will burn the lungs and mess up vision and cause disorientation.


Some of the things you buy at the store contain phenols and formaldehyde. Like bleach these cleaners scar the lungs and decrease the person�s ability to breathe efficiently.


Does this contribute to an Olympic destiny? Hardly.

Ozone machines

Some people use ozone machines to disinfect the air in locker rooms. The logic is that ozone is all natural. Well, so is arsenic.


Ozone has been traced to lowered lung efficiency. The lungs become less elastic and so the amount of air sucked in is less. Now there is something that will decrease athletic ability. Probably more than the 5-10% we have been talking about.


Okay what will clean the environment and not harm the potential sports hero?

Go to your health food store and look for cleaners with tea tree oil [Melaleuca oil] or grapefruit Seed Extract. They kill mold and bacteria but don�t cause changes in the body�s ability to function at peak efficiency. Our company motto is, �If You Can�t Drink It, Don�t Spray It.�

Just changing your cleaning products and cleaning up mold can add that 5-10% performance to an athlete. And that, my friend, is the topic of this article.

About the Author: For 30 years, Dr Graham has been helping people treat and prevent disease by showing them how to live in a clean environment. [email protected] http://www.tennesseemold.com

June 26, 2007

Have you ever thought about which sports are maintained by lawn mowers? We can start with the steady growth in popularity of lawn tennis as well as the splendid exercise that results from playing this game has given it a sure place in the field of athletic sports. It is a game that requires a great deal of skill, and as no one realizes this fact more than those who are experts, a beginner should not be deterred from playing tennis simply because he may fear the criticism of the more experienced. The only way to learn the various strokes and to be able to play a good game is to practice at every opportunity. It is better to play against some one who is more skilful than ourselves and who will keep us on our mettle to make a good showing.

The eye and the muscles must work automatically and with precision. No amount of written instructions can give us this skill Husker Football Tickets. The personal outfit for playing tennis is of course very simple. Every player should own his racket and become accustomed to it. They cost almost any price up to eight dollars, which will buy the very best rackets made. The weight and size of the racket will depend on our strength. The average weight for a man is about fourteen ounces and for a boy an ounce or two lighter. A skilful player becomes so accustomed to the feeling and weight of his own racket that often he will play an indifferent game if he is forced to use any other.

Lawn Tennis Courts

The game of lawn tennis was first played on a lawn or grass court, and many players still prefer this kind of a court, but the difficulty of obtaining a good sod, and after having obtained it the greater difficulty of keeping it in good condition, have increased the popularity of a skinned or clay court, which is always in fair condition except immediately after a heavy rain. The expense of maintaining a tennis court is more than most boys or most families would care to undertake.

As a rule, tennis courts fall in the same general class with golf links in that they lend themselves readily to the joint ownership of a club or school, where the expense falls on a number rather than on an individual. In a great many places the boys of a town or village have clubbed together and have obtained permission from some one owning a piece of vacant ground that is not likely to be sold or improved within a few years and have built a tennis court on it. This arrangement helps the appearance of the land, that should be secured at a very low rental, or none at all if the owner is public spirited and prefers to see the boys of his town grow up as healthy, athletic men rather than weaklings who have no place for recreation but in the village streets, where passing trucks and automobiles will endanger their lives, or at least cause them to be a nuisance to the public.

About the Author: Andrew Caxton is the webmaster and successful author of many articles published at http://www.lawn-mowers-and-garden-tractors.com . A guide on lawn mowers ( http://www.lawn-mowers-and-garden-tractors.com/lawnmowers.html )and garden tractors and how to choose the right type for your garden.