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Saturday - 4/28/2001

Day two of the Ravens first minicamp was in full swing today. Coach Billick held both a morning and afternoon practice and continued the focus on having both the new and veteran players get to know each other on the field.

So far, the rookies have managed well in their first two days in the NFL. The change from college to the pros is a huge leap. Hopefully by training camp, they will feel just a little more comfortable in the Ravens system.

Coach Billick addressed the rookies: "We have to throw the information at our guys. We can't piece-meal everything together because it would cheat the veterans. We just give it to them and if a little bit of it sticks then great, because they are going to come back for minicamp and hopefully a little bit more will stick. So on July 29th, when they show up, if they know how to line up, then we are ahead of the curve."

The Ravens defense practiced very well together today and hopes by training camp to redeem the form that made it one of the NFL�s best all-time last year.