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Friday - 4/27/2001

The Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens got together for the first time since the Super Bowl today for Coach Billick�s first minicamp. The Ravens� 200 draft picks, rookie free agents, and free agents Elvis Grbac and Leon Searcy put on a Ravens� helmet for the first time.

Prior to practice, Coach Billick spoke about his new starting QB: �We are going to try and get as much done with Elvis and the Receivers to get the relationship going early between them. By the same token, training camp and in games is the only place where the real growth takes place. Our real aim is to be prepared to get a great deal accomplished during the minicamps that we will have in June.�

Each remaining member of the team that defeated the Giants 34-7 in Super Bowl XXXV attended today�s practice session, and DT Tony Siragusa decided to arrive in style in a helicopter prior to morning meetings.

Coach Billick on this weekend�s minicamp: "Any minicamp that follows the draft, and for us, is the first time we have all the players back after the season. This is the first time we are all back after that night at the Super Bowl. It is fun to have everybody back. This is a kick-off of the offseason really. It really is the first step to find out where we are at and what kind of shape we are in. Having played in the Super Bowl, we are a month behind, but the league has somewhat accommodated us with the season starting a week later. Between now and the 29th of July, we have to get those three weeks back. To think we can get it caught up in this camp would be a little presumptuous."