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Baltimore Ravens Team Store Pressbox



Monday - 9/10/2001


  • Age: 37
  • College: UNLV
  • Birthdate: March 27, 1963 in Santa Barbara, CA.
  • Attended Santa Barbara High School
  • All three of his brothers (Sam, Bruce and Anthony) played college football. Sam played professionally for the New England Patriots from 1973-79 and in 1981.

Pre-game Practice:
“I take three aspirin before every game. When you get hit, you always get a headache, so I try to keep the headache from coming.”

“I like to play golf. But my main activity away from the game is writing music lyrics. I write gospel and inspirational songs. I have a music studio in Las Vegas that I built. It’s called Studio 7.”

Best professional football moment:
“Having the opportunity to play in the NFC Championship game in 1998 as quarterback of the Minnesota Vikings.”

Best high school football moment:
“Going to the state high school championship and playing against Long Beach Poly. We were out-powered by them and didn’t win, but it was the first time our team had ever been tested and really challenged. It was great because we fought them the best we could and displayed a lot of character. That one game taught me more about our football team than the previous 13, and we went undefeated before that.”

The player that influenced his career the most:
Without hesitation Randall says, “James Harris. Growing up in Los Angeles and watching James Harris play for the Rams showed me that being a black quarterback in the NFL was possible. Just seeing him with that opportunity and then watching the way he carried himself really encouraged me. That is why I wore number 12 in Philadelphia.”

Best defensive players Randall has played against:
Linebacker: “Ray Lewis. He has taken the position to another level. Even from the short time I have watched him play, he is just an amazing player.”
Defensive lineman: “None other than Reggie White.”
Cornerbacks: “Eric Allen, Darrell Green and throw Aeneas Williams in the mix too.”
Safety: “Andre Waters. People don’t remember him, but he would take you out. He was ferocious. He would hit you anywhere, and he was like that every time he played.”

On punting:
“I started punting back in pee-wee flag football. I was always bigger than every other kid, so I did everything. It came easy to me.”

The aspect of his game that has changed the most:
“My throwing. I used to just step back and fire the ball and my completion percentage wasn’t real good. Guys wouldn’t see the ball coming and couldn’t adjust fast enough to it. I’ve learned to try and get it to my receivers in a position where they can get to it, make it soft enough so they can catch it.”

The game through Randall’s eyes, 16 years after his first start:
“I have come to understand the business and the game better. I was never really concerned with a whole lot besides those 60 minutes of game time. I was so caught up in trying to dominate everything I did, and concerned about myself, that I was oblivious to the other realities of the game. If you don’t do your job, you won’t last in this game and I never thought about that type of thing.”

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