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Baltimore Ravens Team Store Pressbox



Tuesday - 10/16/2001


  • Age: 32
  • College: Louisiana Tech
  • Birthdate: January 27, 1968
  • Attended Lake Highlands High School in Dallas.
  • The New York Giants drafted Matt in 1990 in the 12th round (329th overall). He was placed on injured reserve that year, then signed with the Cleveland Browns as a Plan B free agent in 1991. Matt played for the Browns for five years, 1991-95.

    On kicking in the old Cleveland Stadium:
    �It was tough. It was very windy there and the field was also a baseball stadium. It had an open end facing northeast and of course there was the wind coming off the lake. You were kicking not only against the pressure, but all the elements of Cleveland�s weather and that unusual field.�

    Matt�s lasting impression from playing in Cleveland:
    �Without any question, the fans. The fans are that incredible. They are cool people. They are hard working people. They love the Browns. I�ll never forget the Browns Backers and their strength. The women in Cleveland are big time fans also. They love their Browns. It was neat to be involved with that organization and leave a legacy. I have some records there that are still standing.�

    Off the field impression:
    �Nobody was pretentious where I lived in Strongsville. They were loving people and God-fearing people, people who I enjoyed to be with and live around.�

    �Kicking comes down to trust. It may actually mean there is more trust placed on a kicker than on some other players, because you are the only guy out there who can do your job. Nobody else can go out there and help you. Bill Belichick let me learn my way through it. I made some mistakes, but he stuck with me. You get the faith of the coach and the faith of the guys behind you, then you have a good chance of lasting.�

    On how long he thought he would be in this league:
    �I told myself five years when I first started. I was hoping I could make it five years and then the rest would just be cake. And now here I am in year 12. The thing I learned a long time ago was to take one year at a time. Each year has its challenges; you have to evaluate each year where you are athletically, mentally and spiritually. My thing is to meet each year�s challenges, because this is something I love to do.�

    On his life away from the football field:
    �I preach and teach a lot in the offseason. I spoke well over 15 times in the offseason in Texas. I would also like to get into the sports world in the form of an athletic director/coach. I would like to be a specialist coach, instructing on kicking, punting and snapping at a university. I would love to come back to Baltimore and move right into that.�

    On this year�s Browns team:
    �First of all, Butch Davis is a great coach and Al Lerner is a great owner. Butch Davis has that team focused and motivated and he has some good assistants. I know their special teams corps have been playing very well. In fact, their kicker, Phil Dawson, went to my high school. I know him very well.�

    On this year�s Ravens team:
    �I think offensively and defensively that this team is strong. I think that we are getting better. Special teams wise, there are some areas that we have to improve in. The main area is our mental focus and our attitude towards the special teams group. That is what special teams boils down to, who can be the most aggressive and confident at doing it.�

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