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Baltimore Ravens Team Store Pressbox



Thursday - 9/20/2001


  • Age: 25
  • College: Southwestern Louisiana
  • Birthdate: June 23, 1976 Blacksburg, VA.
  • Attended Comeaux (LA) High School
  • Brandon finished his college career ranked 10th on the NCAA Division 1-A career-record list with 241 receptions and ninth with 3, 702 yards.

Pre-game Practice: �I don�t have any special thing that I do. I like to get to the stadium early and read the game program. Then I find one of the quarterbacks and go out to the field and get warmed up.�

Toughest circumstances he has had to endure while playing football:
�Without question, it was when my mother passed away during my senior year at Southwestern Louisiana. It was right in the middle of the season. She was my biggest supporter, so it was really tough to see her go. It is kind of like what happened last week. It forces you to put football into perspective. I went ahead and played in the game that week because that is what she would have wanted me to do.� (Brandon tied the school record for touchdowns in that game with three).

On scoring the touchdown against Cincinnati that ended the Ravens five-game touchdown drought during the 2000 season:

�It was my first reception of the season, and my first touchdown of the season. The thing for me was that it was my first game playing last year. I had sat out the first nine games, and I was really nervous. You want to come in on your first opportunity to play and have a good performance. It just so happened that the route was called in the right situation, and I felt really blessed to have that opportunity on that day. It seemed like things just got better for us from that game on.�

On scoring the first touchdown in Super Bowl XXXV:
�Again, it just seemed like the year just kept getting better and better. I got a little bit more playing time with each game and more confidence came with that. Then, the ultimate was playing in the Super Bowl and catching a touchdown in it.�

The player that influenced his career the most:
�For me, it hasn�t been one particular player. Everywhere that I have been, I always watch the older guys, and the way they do things. Then I try to incorporate their strengths into what I do. I am not afraid to watch other people and try the things they do to get open.�

Why did you start playing football?
�My dad was a football coach, so I grew up around football all my life. He coached at Clemson, and I would go to the ball game and tailgate with the other coaches� kids. All we would do was play football.� (Brandon�s Dad was the offensive coordinator for Clemson University when they won the national championship in 1981).

What goals have you set for yourself?
�My main goal has nothing to do with numbers or catches. I want to stay healthy and be in there game in and game out. I have yet to play in 16 games in an NFL season. My goal is to start every game, contribute to and help win games. I�m less concerned with how many catches I get.�

Wide Receivers Coach Mike Nolan says:
�Brandon runs great routes. He is an instinctive player, which is good because he will find the open areas on the field. He is deceptive with his ability.�

Quarterback Elvis Grbac says:
�He comes out of his breaks really well, and he has great body language.�

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