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Baltimore Ravens Team Store Pressbox

Draft day press conferences 2000 4/15/00

Sam Adams DT Sixth Year 6'3 297

Mr. Modell: I'm thrilled to introduce our newest wide receiver (laughs), who is incredibly good at blocking downfield. This is Sam Adams, who fills a void and a need on our team and is an extraordinary talent. I haven't had the opportunity to talk to Michael McCrary, but I am sure Michael would echo those sentiments. They played together in Seattle side by side for several years. We are delighted to have him. He will help us shore up the middle, which will allow us to review other options. I am not saying we are going to abandon Corey Simon at the 5th pick, but it is less likely now that Sam is coming on board. Marvin (Lewis), why don't you say a few words and then we will hear from Rex.

Marvin: We are obviously very excited about having Sam. Like Mr. Modell said, we could not have started the day without the defense being represented first. He is a very large man as you can see with great athletic ability and explosiveness. He has played in the NFL for six years. He played both end and tackle in Seattle, so again, he is very athletic. He will help our other two ends and their pash rush because I think we will be more active in the middle. That will be a big plus for us. He is excited to be here and he is familiar with our football team because of his association with Mike McCrary. He is very comfortable with our football team.

Mr. Modell: I might add it is a four-year an acceptable amount of money to boot.

Rex Ryan: First of all, when we watch film on Sam Adams, we realized that this guy fills our defensive scheme perfectly. In Marvin's scheme we see a lot of movement. We take the bulls-eye off of our defensive lineman and place them on offensive players. Sam has that great quickness and athletic ability. You see a big man here, but he is as quick as a cat. We expect tremendous things from him, both in the running game and the passing game so he is a guy that can collapse the pocket. And with our two ends in passing situations that is exactly what we need. We need a guy that can push the pocket and have those ends come screaming off that edge. Now it is going to be a race to the quarterback and Sam knows that. And Michael told me when I talked to him on the phone to tell Sam that he is not going to get all the sacks here. Sam will get his share. If he progresses the way I anticipate him progressing, you are looking at a guy who should be future Pro Bowl player for us.

Art Modell: Based on the commentary from the personnel people that work under Ozzie Newsome, if Sam were coming out as a rookie he would be a first round draft choice. If that were the case, we have three high number 1's and we will have a lot of options and maneuverability. We are delighted to have Sam and we wish you a long career here.

Sam Adams: First of all, I would like to thank Mr. Modell and the Baltimore Ravens for giving me an opportunity to play football again. I am very excited about my opportunity here. I plan on investing into this community, this ball-club and being committed to doing my part in making this a better team. Like I said, I am very thankful and I thank them for their very kind words. I'm excited to play.

Sam, Ron Wolf (General Manager- Green Bay Packers) really wanted to get you into Green Bay. What made you decide not to even negotiate that part of the deal and get it done here in Baltimore?

: I spoke to my wife and we prayed about it. I have a very comfortable feeling here in Baltimore. I feel that this will be a comfortable place for my children to be. Like I said, I am excited to play in this defense and for this organization.

Can you talk about your morning, and how close you were to boarding that 9:30 am flight to Green Bay?

: Basically we are at this point today and I am a Baltimore Raven. That is in the past and I am looking forward to the future.

Sam, how is your health overall after playing several years on artificial turf?

: I consider myself young. I am 26 years old and I have been in the NFL for six years. I am very thankful for the career I've had. I've been blessed to not have several serious injuries at this point in my career. I am thankful. I feel good. I look forward to playing several more years.

Sam, do you think this defense and the guys around you will allow you take your game up to another level?

: I just want to be able to pull my weight. I am not coming here with expectations. I want to pull my weight on defense, do my part and hopefully I will contribute and make it a better defense.

This question is for Marvin. Primarily in the past, tackles have been very involved in taking on double teams and creating some things for your linebackers. Do you see things changing with the abilities that you now have?

: What our tackles do is play their gaps. If they have to get double teamed to get blocked, there is no real...I read about this all the time I wish I could figure out what people are speaking of. We don't play our tackles any different from the way everyone else plays. We are very disciplined in our guys playing their gaps and not getting knocked off their feet. Thus, it takes two people to block them most of the time. I think with Sam's quickness, the thing Sam envisions also. Any time he is singled up with a guard, he will have the ability to work underneath and outside. That is when the opportunities will be created more in this defense. From just sitting down and speaking with him, I can see that he has a great understanding of what the offense is trying to do. Because of that understanding, he will be able to take advantage of his quickness and make plays.

Marvin, do you anticipate him staying in on passing situations?

: Yes, we are confident with his ability to rush the passer. That will be a plus for us.

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