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Baltimore Ravens Team Store Pressbox

Ravens draft teleconference 4/16/2000

Chris Redman QB Louisville 6'3 225

Chris, what was your reaction last night when you found out it was Baltimore?

Chris: That was a team that I had a really good feeling about through the whole draft. Basically, it was a team I really wanted to go with. I'm really ecstatic and I can't wait to visit the town. I heard really great stuff about it from the Unitas family so I am really looking forward to it.

When Baltimore made that trade and gave up their 45th pick, what did you think your chances were of coming here would be?

Chris: I thought that that was my last chance. But in the draft you never know what is going to happen. It was a crazy day, but all things happen for a reason. So I really thank God for it.

Chris, how well do you know Johnny Unitas. Talk about your relationship with him and what he has told you about the city.

Chris: Growing up here, he is somewhat of a legendary man and I just got a chance to meet him for the first time in high school. He used to come to my games and I had the chance to share some experiences with him and he really helped me out a lot with some fundamental things and with his outlook on the game.

Were you shocked that you slipped down the board as far as you did? What were your thoughts about Carmazzi (QB from Hofstra) going ahead of you. Did you know that the 49ers did not want you?

I did not have a real good feeling about that when I visited out there. There was something about it. I think they had something against me. I had a neck injury, so they may have been scared about that. I think my situation is great and I am really looking forward to it.

What is your feeling about playing in Unitas' city?

Chris: I know he is a legend there and it would be great to fill his shoes. It's gonna be a hard task to do, but right now I am focused on being another teammate and doing the best I can out there.

What do you know about Brian Billick and about him being the quarterback guru?

Chris: All I have heard are positive things about his offensive scheme and I can't wait to get into the play-book with him and get going. I am looking forward to it and it will be a lot of fun. They are a step away from being a championship caliber team so I am ready for hat challenge. It will be a lot of fun.

Chris, if this were a year ago, we would have projected you in the top fifteen to twenty picks? Has your confidence taken a shot at all?

Chris: No, I don't think so. And like I said, I think things happen for a reason. It was a great draft for Baltimore. I am not selfish and I think that that is the way you have to look at it. You have to go out there and earn your money, which is a big part of it. It is great to have the money at the beginning, but I think coming in and proving yourself is really going to be an accomplishment.

Chris, as you watch the draft go from round to round, did you start to hope that it would come back around to Baltimore?

Chris: I really was. There were a few teams who showed some interest and I didn't think I would make it back to Baltimore. I really got lucky to slip down there. I think it was a really great thing and I am really looking forward to it.

What can you tell us about your neck situation.? Were the 49ers scared that it was a degenerative thing?

Chris: I think there were a little nervous about the injuries. They said my speed wasn't a problem when they clocked me here at a personal workout. They had something against me, but I think I am in a better situation now.

What do you think about coming in and working with Tony Banks and Trent Dilfer. Does it look to you as if you are fighting for the third spot?

Chris: I think it is a great situation. They are two great quarterbacks that I have watched. I got to play early in my career against Tony Banks. He is a phenomenal player. I got to meet Trent this year and he seems like a great guy. Hopefully I can learn from those guys. They have experience in the league and there isn't too much pressure on me.

What aspect of your game do you need the most help on?

Chris: As a quarterback you can never do enough work on your fundamentals. I think that getting used to the speed in the NFL will be one of the toughest things. So working on my feet and getting used to the speed will probably be the biggest things for me.

Your dad was a high school football coach?

Yes. He coached me through high school and we won a state championship my junior year.

So you have lived and breathed this game at a younger age than a lot of kids?

I have been around football since I was born. My dad has been coaching for 27 years. I have had a lot of fun and I love the game. I am really ecstatic about getting a shot to play in the NFL. It is sort of like a dream come true for me.

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