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Baltimore Ravens Team Store Pressbox

Draft day press conference 2000 4/15/00

Travis Taylor WR Florida 6'0 198

Travis, were you expecting to go this high?

: I had a good workout and I knew that scouts liked me. I knew I was moving up on the draft boards.

One of the things that coach (Billick) talked about was the fact that you played in such a sophisticated system and that it shouldn't be too hard for you to adjust?

: Definitely. At Florida we played a pro style offense. Coach Spurrier had a great game plan every game and everything he did was in a professional way. He taught us how to read defenses on the run and adjust our routes. That is what you have to be able to do and it prepared me for the next level.

How much did you play on the inside (as a receiver) in college?

: I played a lot. I played inside and outside. In our offense you have to know every position. There wasn't one particular position you had to play. You had to go out on every play and be ready to play football.

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