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Transcript of chat with JONATHAN OGDEN - 10/26/99 @ 7pm

MODERATOR: Hang on, everyone.....we're experiencing technical difficulties

Raven Maniac: Will Jonathon Ogden be in room tonight?

MODERATOR: Yes he will, we promise! Just trying to get everything set up folks! Bare with us!

MODERATOR: OK, folks, Jonathan is with us!

drew99: hi, johnathon, how is your neck doing?

JONATHAN OGDEN: My neck is doin' OK, right now....it's feeling a lot better

drew99: johnathon, i read a quote attributed to you in the baltimore sun regarding the q-back change. can you explain what you meant by "whatever"?

JONATHAN OGDEN: Change is part of the game, and you have to go with whatever situation arises.....whoever's back there I have to be ready to play....I can' t let it affect me.....trying to go out there and do the best job i can

JONATHAN OGDEN: Any more questions folks? We only have Jonathan for a few more minutes!

cathree: Has this act here in Baltimore grown old and how attractive is the free agent market to you?

JONATHAN OGDEN: No it hasn't grown old.....i still think we have a lot of potential, but it's time for us to really put together a winning product on the field. Free agency is something I think about a little bit, but I'd love to stay out here and play

drew99: what has harry swayne meant to the o-line?

JONATHAN OGDEN: Harry has brought experience, he's a very solid player, and he's brought a player who has won 2 superbowls to us......those are the intangibles that every team needs if they want to win.....players who have been there

drew99: johnatahn i think you a terrific lineman. whom do you find hardest to block specifically?

JONATHAN OGDEN: That's a tough one, there are a lot of good defensive players......Jacksonville has a couple good ones Tony Brackens and Reagan Upshaw, who I played against in college.........Michael McCrary from our squad of course...........last week Derreck Thomas and Leslie O'Neal are 2 talented players as well.........and I have Bruce Smith coming up this week.......they are all top-caliber competition

Raven Maniac: What part of the game needs most of your attention? Run? Pass?

JONATHAN OGDEN: They both need equal concentration......pass blocking is probably more difficult, but they are both equally important

drew99: what's the weakest and strongest part of your game?

JONATHAN OGDEN: My strength is that there are no outstanding weaknesses, and if I had to pick a weakness, it would be minor technical things

drew99: how frustrating has this year been for you and what do you think we need most on offense to improve?

JONATHAN OGDEN: it's been very frustrating.......this is my fourth year, and I've never had more than 6 wins.......on offense, we're a few players away from being a good team right now. We spent the last 3 years building up the defense, now it's time for us to concentrate on getting some offensive players in here to execute Billick's offense.

Raven Maniac: When you say you would like to "stay out here and play" do you mean the East Coast?

JONATHAN OGDEN: No, I mean Baltimore........if i had to leave the Ravens, I would prefer to go out west, but I have no desire to leave the Ravens

Raven Maniac: How is your brother doing with his game?

JONATHAN OGDEN: He's doing fine right now.......he's improving and he's gonna be a really good player for Howard for the next coupla years

drew99: how difficult has billick's offense been to pick up. how is it different from ted m's offense?

JONATHAN OGDEN: It hasn't been that difficult from a lineman's perspective......it's different in that we have a lot more formations and motions, and we attack more of the field

MODERATOR: OK, folks Jonathan is gonna take one more question, then he's got to leave!

drew99: what do you enjoy doing away from football?

JONATHAN OGDEN: I like to rest, spend time at home, read (science fiction books in particular), and I like to travel around the US!

MODERATOR: Sorry folks! Jonathan has to go now, but he wishes you all the best and thanks you for your questions and devoted support!

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