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Transcript of chat with PETER BOULWARE - 12/21/99 @ 7pm

Ravenstrial3188: are any ravens players going to be on?

MODERATOR: Peter Boulware will be with us soon. . .

MODERATOR: Peter is with us. . . any questions?

dbrennan: Peter: I love the Baltimore Bomb. I understand Brian isn't thrilled: Will you have to stop?

PETER BOULWARE: he will let us do it unless it gets out of hand

ravnmary: Hello Peter How is your shoulder holding up?

PETER BOULWARE: pretty good. . .

dbrennan: Will you have to have an operation after the season?

PETER BOULWARE: Yes I am going to sit down with the team and figure out what is the best time to do it.

scottgore: Peter, did you get upset with the offense at the beginning of the year when they were not scoring?

PETER BOULWARE: no I knew they would come around. . .just a matter of being patient.

ravnmary: The players seem to be having a lot of fun playing, is that because you been together for another year?

PETER BOULWARE: it is fun when you play with people for long periods . . .winning helps too.

dbrennan: The offense has really picked up since the beginning of the season. Has the intensity of the Defense helped the offense?

PETER BOULWARE: yes i think it feeds off one another. . .

Ravenstrial3188: peter. how did you get to be so fast? training and training?

PETER BOULWARE: the lord has blessed me.

ravnmary: What team is the hardest to play?

PETER BOULWARE: Jacksonville. . .

scottgore: Peter, does the team believe how close we could be to an 11-3 record if it wasn't for a few plays here and there??

PETER BOULWARE: we have lost a few games that were close. . . we could be 11-3...

dbrennan: How many Ravens do you think will go to the ProBowl? I think you have earned a spot>

PETER BOULWARE: there should be three or four of us

ravnmary: The team finally won in Pitt. Next year it will Jacksonville

PETER BOULWARE: we are moving in that direction

Ravenstrial3188: how is it to be playing with ray ray who is so pumped for every game? do you feel the same?

PETER BOULWARE: he is a great person to play with. . . his emotion is everywhere.

scottgore: what direction do you see the team going in the draft??

PETER BOULWARE: some kind of offensive weapon. .

dbrennan: The Bengal.s have turned it up a notch too. Do you expect a tough game this week?

PETER BOULWARE: they are looking tough on Offense. . we have to play great D

ravnmary: Warrick would be nice to get in the draft

PETER BOULWARE: he would;d fit in nice. . .

dbrennan: What is your Charity of choice?

PETER BOULWARE: i like to give to the church and the ministry. . .

scottgore: do you feel playing in B-more that the defense doesn't get the respect you deserve by the media?

PETER BOULWARE: the more we win the more respect you will get. . .

PETER BOULWARE: I am almost out of time any last Questions?

purple bird: with the offense scoring so much the past several weeks, how much more aggressive have the opposing offenses been?

ravnmary: Have a nice holiday and go FSU

PETER BOULWARE: the opposing team has to work hard to keep up. . .


Ravenstrial3188: when your comin' in to sack the QB, and you look in his eyes, what do you see?

PETER BOULWARE: good question . . .I see his hips

dbrennan:What do you think of Zeus. Did you expect someday he would blown his lid?

PETER BOULWARE:I never thought he could do that. . .

scottgore:how much has wearing the shoulder strap limited your play?

PETER BOULWARE:I feel like I am at 50% with it on . . .

PETER BOULWARE: got to run . . . god bless have a happy holiday

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