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Transcript of chat with PETER BOULWARE - 9/21/99 @ 7pm

thecount: hello?

MODERATOR: Hello Count...we're waiting for Peter to call in

MODERATOR: Thanks for your patience everyone. Peter is here. Do you have any questions?

ravnmary: Hello Peter, how is you shoulder after playing a few games?

PETER BOULWARE: My shoulder is feeling better, infact I'm feeling a little stronger every day. With God's help it will keep getting stronger and I'll be ready to go on Sunday

caliente: Howe do you feel about playing the new Cleveland Browns this coming sunday

PETER BOULWARE: I'm excited about playing the new Browns this Sunday. I haven't been in the league long enough to have developed a rivalry.

rvnpa2000: What do you think about Stoney starting?

PETER BOULWARE: I think that if Coach feels that is the best opportunity for our team to win on Sunday then I'm all for it.

rvnpa2000: Do bad calls that the refs make affect your play?

PETER BOULWARE: No, not really. We have to play to a level that the Ref's calls don't have any real affect on the outcome of the game.

CrazyAmy: What will be your biggest challenge on sunday?

PETER BOULWARE: We'll know tomorrow when we start game planning as a team what our biggest challenge will be.

drew99: Peter I think you are a terrific player. Who do you think is the hardest Q-Back to rush?

PETER BOULWARE: I'd say the toughest in our division is Mark Brunell because he is so mobile

drew99: Peter, what is the mindset of the team right now? I thought the defense played great last week. On avearge, how often do we blitz in a game?

PETER BOULWARE: On average, we try to blitz at least one third of the time. We're looking forward to next week's challenge. That's what this league is all about.

CrazyAmy: Peter ...how do you feel about playing with that brace for the rest of the season?

PETER BOULWARE: It hinders me a little bit and gives me some discomfort but I'll do whatever I have to to play

caliente: Peter, You guys are 0-2, but your defense played well last sunday. Do you think the offense can turn things around and help you guys make the playoffs?

PETER BOULWARE: I know we can turn things around. We just have to stay focused and stay together.

drew99: What do you think of Chris Mcalister? How soon will he be starting and what does he add to the defense?

PETER BOULWARE: Chris is a tough rookie. I can't tell you when he'll start, that's not up to me but I know he'll continue to challenge for that spot.

PETER BOULWARE: Sorry again that I was running late, I was in another interview. I can take a couple more questions and then I'll have to go. I'll try to do this again soon.

drew99: Peter, what impact has Jack Del Rio had on the linebackers?

PETER BOULWARE: Jack has been an awesome coach to play for and as a former linebacker he has a lot of experience that we can learn from.

caliente: Peter, when you sack the QB on sunday can you do a little dance for the fans?

PETER BOULWARE: I'm not that big on dancing! I don't want to look bad on TV.

caliente: Good luck this weekend against Cleveland. We'll be there cheering for you. Keep the faith!

PETER BOULWARE: Thanks so much for your support!

drew99: Peter what is your time in the 40?

PETER BOULWARE: I run a high 4.5

CrazyAmy: Good Luck Peter!!!!!! Lets beat those browns!

PETER BOULWARE: Thanks Amy, hope to see you on Sunday!

drew99: Good luck Sunday Peter. Thanks for your time.

PETER BOULWARE: Thank you everyone. I've got to go now.......

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