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Transcript of chat with TONY BANKS - 12/7/99 @ 7pm

MODERATOR: Tony will be with us shortly. . . please get your questions ready.

ravenstrial1022: hi

MODERATOR: hello. . . Tony will be here soon please stay tuned.

MODERATOR: Tony is not here yet. . . I will let you know as soon as I get him on . . . Please stand by. . .

TONY BANKS: hello everyone . . . sorry i am late.

ravenstrial1101: Tony, do you expect to be in B-more next year???

TONY BANKS: I hope to be there is a lot of work left to be done.

ravenstrial1101: Tony, do you and the players talk about how this team could easily be 9-3???

TONY BANKS: Not really we know we are getting better each week and we try to look ahead.

bo113rave: What did you know you had to do in order to be successful against the Titans before the game?

TONY BANKS: We had to have a great passing game to beat the strong rush by the Titans

ravenstrial1886: Do like, dislike, or ignore the "You've just had a career game." comments that reporters make?

TONY BANKS: well . . . I can't listen to that. . . I try to do the best I can each week hopefully i will have a long career

bo113rave: Do you feel comfortable throwing the ball deep a lot now?

TONY BANKS: I always have. . . It is getting the timing down with the receivers

purple bird: From the upper deck, the turf looks pretty ragged. How is the footing out there?

TONY BANKS: It is getting better. . . I guess they were filming a movie and they really beat the field up. . . it is getting better!

ravenstrial1101: Tony, do you think we have the best defense in the league?

TONY BANKS: I have not played against one better. . . the jags are close and watching the game last night TB looks good but we are tough ...they give the offense alot of help.

dbrennan: I heard you were awarded the AFC player of The Week. Congratulation!

TONY BANKS: thanks. .

ravnmary: was the win as sweet for the players as it was for the fans?

TONY BANKS: it was a great win for this team and the fans the test comes this weekend to see if we can keep it going.

ravenstrial1101: Tony do you have any regrets about leaving St. Louis now that they are doing so good??

TONY BANKS: i have a lot of friends on that team and am very happy for them. I am happy to be here though!

RJohnson: Hi Tony, I wanted to congratulate you on the game. Too bad I didn't get to see it. I was wondering how you feel about the way this season has gone for you. The trade from St Louis, going from being a starter to backup to 3rd string, back to starter. It must have been really tough on you.

TONY BANKS: I do not consider myself a back-up QB. I knew my time would come here in Baltimore.

dbrennan: Do you think Eric will be able to play against the Steelers.

TONY BANKS: We will not know until Wednesday at practice but i know he wants too.

ravenstrial1022: nasty called you a sorry ass last week remember that when you see him-

TONY BANKS: Well. . . you just have to brush that aside. . .

dbrennan: The steelers game is a big one. There are alot of Steelers fans in this town the need to be converted.

TONY BANKS: there were alot of years here without football . . . that is where most fans went to route for . . . when we win, they will come back!

ravenstrial40: Do you feel comfortable with Billick's offense?

TONY BANKS: more and more every week. He is letting me do more as far as audibiling . . .I like that.

RJohnson: Tony, what is up with you and the cameras?? Every time I watched a game, I noticed the cameras follow you every move; However, off the field, you vanish into thin air. I wanted to give a piece of advice though. Be careful what you do on the field, because you never know when the camera's on you. I still remember the St Louis/Philadelphia game from last year!!

TONY BANKS: Thanks. . . I am to in the game to realize where the cameras are. . .

ravenstrial1101: Will P.Johnson be ready for the game on Sun.??

TONY BANKS: WOW, what a catch . . . As with errict we will know about Patrick on Wednesday.

dbrennan: On those Short & goal situations we need a big man to plow the line, have you considered the Goose to run the ball?

TONY BANKS: another frig?. . . I don't think so

ravenstrial1022: has your blind side blocking improving?

TONY BANKS: the offensive line has been playing very well. . . I think the injuries we have had has forced everyone to do new things and they are doing well.

ravenstrial1022: where are the Tony banks jersey?

TONY BANKS: good question. . . the ones i see in the stands at the game now have Testaverde on them...they will come

ravenstrial40: Do you think this team is close to being a playoff contender?

TONY BANKS: we are close remember we have not lost by much. . .a few mistakes by me and I could be 6-1.

ravenstrial1101: do you think we could run the table and make the playoffs with a 9-7 record?

TONY BANKS: I do not know about the playoffs. . . 9 -7 is going to be close. we intend to run the table.

ravenstrial40: Tony, we are expecting a win in Pittsburgh! How do you feel about this game?

TONY BANKS: Pitts. is a tough place to play. . . they have a 10 day rest for us. . . like i said before we intend to run the table.

dbrennan: I hope your enjoying Baltimore. Have you learned to eat Crabs yet & what is your favorite Restaurant

TONY BANKS: I like Baltimore alot. . . no favorites. . any suggestions???

ravenstrial40: Congratulations on being NFL 'PLAYER OF THE WEEK'! GOOD JOB.

TONY BANKS: thanks. . . again

RJohnson: Tony, what do you think about this football season? There really hasn't been any one team that has been clearly dominate this year, like Minn, etc.

TONY BANKS: that is how the league is set-up now. . . the salary cap

dbrennan: You should try the Barn on Thursday nights and catch the Gooses show. I busted a gut last with When Artie D was the guest.

TONY BANKS: I will see if the goose will buy me dinner

ravenstrial40: Do you have a favorite Raven receiver?

TONY BANKS: there is a lot of talent on this team. . . different situations call for different players.

ravenstrial40: What do you think of the Baltimore fans so far?

TONY BANKS: I think they are great! They way we have played and the support of the fans. . .how could anyone not love it. We owe them. . . we are getting better and I think we will give this city something to be proud of.

dbrennan: Tony your a stand up Guy. It took alot of guts to go on the radio after the Jacksonville game. I gained alot of respect for you and taking the blame rather than passing the buck.

TONY BANKS: Well. . . i feel responsible for some of the losses we have had.

ravenstrial40: Have you talked to Johnny Unitas?

TONY BANKS: he talks to all of us he is a great fan of this team!

ravnmary: it is always a team loss or win

TONY BANKS: thanks. . . this team bust their butts off

ravenstrial1101: what did you do after the win to celebrate?

TONY BANKS: My father was in town so I spent sometime with him

TONY BANKS: i got to get going. . . any last questions?

ravnmary: that is why we support this team

TONY BANKS: Thank you. . .

ravenstrial1101: good luck the rest of the year and hope to see you here next year...

TONY BANKS: I would like to be here . . .

TONY BANKS: Thank you everyone. . . . come down to route us on next sunday!

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