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Transcript of chat with JAMIE SHARPER - 10/12/99 @ 7pm

bigdoug: hello

MODERATOR: Jamie Sharper is here with us tonight.... and he say's hello back to you big doug. Anyone have any questions for Jamie?

foundation: how is your brother doing in GB?

JAMIE SHARPER: My brother is doing fine, they are 3 -1, so they are all feeling good, he got his first interception during the last game so I know he's really happy.

dbrennan: Will the offense get thier act together in the near future

JAMIE SHARPER: The offense is improving! As long as they don't turn the ball over then they'll help the defense out.

bigdoug: Glad you could make it Jamie....You guys played great defense again... are you sore today ?

JAMIE SHARPER: I'm a little sore today, especially after blowing up Lorenzo Neal on Sunday.

foundation: THats is great, you are playing so good this year what did you do different in the off season?

JAMIE SHARPER: During the offseason, I worked on my speed and understanding & reading offensive plays with Jack Del Rio.

dbrennan: My friend from UVA said the Anthony Poindexter is the hardest hitting safty he has ever seen how is his knee?

JAMIE SHARPER: Anthony is my roommate so I've been watching him rehab his knee and he's doing a great job. Infact, I think he might start practicing next week.

foundation: are you happy to have a couple extra days off? Is BAm Morris still with KC?

JAMIE SHARPER: Bam is still with KC , so is Derrick Alexander. It always feels good to have a couple days off to refresh your legs and revitalize your mind for the rest of the season.

bigdoug: What is the general tone in the locker room now that we are 2-3 ?

JAMIE SHARPER: We realize that we're going to have to work hard every game and take it to the wire just to get 8 or 9 victories. So guys are focusing on each week and each opponent. We're taking it one game at a time.

dbrennan: Do you think he will play this season?

JAMIE SHARPER: I hope Anthony will play this season, but no one will know until he starts practicing and see how his knee holds up.

bigdoug: Who is the wackiest player or coach in the locker room?

JAMIE SHARPER: The wackiest coach is our strength coach, Jeff Friday - he's always energetic and in good spirits. Goose is probably the wackiest player, he always h****omething to say.

dbrennan: Can anyone on the team out eat Tony The Goose?

JAMIE SHARPER: Larry Webster is the only one who can out eat Goose. He's always packing up extra food from lunch to take home with him and he always has extra food in his locker.

ravnmary: who were the players you grew up watching ?

JAMIE SHARPER: I grew up watching a lot of guys on the Redskins, Art Monk, Wilbert Marshall, and Lawrence Taylor of the Giants.

cathree: Hey Jamie...you have obviously become a force against the run. Do you feel that you are as affective against the p*** or are you still looking to improve that part of your game..?????

JAMIE SHARPER: I think I can definitely help the team out against the pass, but right now I'm really good against the run. Hopefully they'll put me out there against the p***.

bigdoug: Is Ray Lewis as intense off the field as on it?

JAMIE SHARPER: Ray is really intense in practice but he's pretty laid back in the locker room.

foundation: are you happy MArvin Stuck around?

JAMIE SHARPER: I'm happy we're playing in the same defensive scheme we had last year.

foundation: they say that the three LBs for BAltimore are the best in the NFL who do you think is as fgood or close as a unit?

JAMIE SHARPER: The closest unit would be Tampa Bays.

cathree: Do you feel its tougher to defend a p***er like O'Donnel who may not be mobile but seems to be on his game or a guy like McNair or Stewart who create on their own???

JAMIE SHARPER: Its easier to defend O'Donnell than McNair because if you cover all the recievers & he has no one to throw the ball to he can't hurt you, but McNair, who can run will hurt you with his legs.

dbrennan: Is KC game more important because of the National TV Prime time

JAMIE SHARPER: Kansas City is an important game because its the next game plus its an AFC team. A national game will help other people get to know who the Baltimore Ravens are.

ravnmary: do you ever get upset with the offense when they do not score?

JAMIE SHARPER: I don't get upset with the offense, as long as they don't turn the ball over and they sustain long drives that helps keep us off the field.

bigdoug: How do you like Coach B ? He comes across to me as a better modivator than Ted M.

JAMIE SHARPER: Coach Billick is more of a motivator than Ted was - he is a 90's coach.

bigdoug: Is Mitchell off to himself or does he still hang with the team ?

JAMIE SHARPER: Scott is still a team player and is involved.

cathree: Which teams in the division seem most be the most well prepared on game day....????

JAMIE SHARPER: Jacksonville is always a difficult team, they are always well prepared.

dbrennan: How do you like living in Baltimore?

JAMIE SHARPER: I love living in Baltimore - They have the best fans and on that, I have to go, but thank you all for chatting with me tonight.

ravnmary: good night and good luck the rest of the year

MODERATOR: Thank you and thanks again everyone.

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