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Transcript of chat with JAMAL LEWIS and TRAVIS TAYLOR - 4/16/00 @ 3pm

MODERATOR: Welcome to the chat with Jamal Lewis and Travis Taylor.

foundation: hello???

MODERATOR: Hello. Please standby.

MODERATOR: The players have arrived.

foundation: MATT LEAVEY ask:

boogieb: Is this thing on

MODERATOR: Yes, we are here

foundation: How do you expect to fit into Coach Billick's Offense?

JAMAL LEWIS: I feel like as a RB being able to run the ball and open it for passing game so the offense can be more effective.

TRAVIS TAYLOR: Just coming in trying to make plays, open up the running game, try to move the offense up the charts.

foundation: Travis we know you wore #19 at Fla. what number will you have here?

TRAVIS TAYLOR: I want #19 but Johnny Unitas wore it here, so it might be hard to get. I'll have to ask him if I can wear it.

foundation: what was your most inspirational moment in football? When did you realize you could be a pro?

JAMAL LEWIS: After high school when I was being recruited by different colleges, that made me feel that I was doing something right. I just want to take it to the next level. Keep playing, keep doing what I like to do.

TRAVIS TAYLOR: Coming out of high school, everyone wanted me to come to their school. I didn't redshirt my first year, and I started making plays my 2nd year. I had a big year and it went from there.

obie: you enjoy hitting people on the field



obie: what did your parents say when u got drafted

JAMAL LEWIS: They were excited, and proud of me.

TRAVIS TAYLOR: The same. Telling me good luck. Excited for the whole family.

01aslai: travis- do you consider yourself a slot or outside receiver?

TRAVIS TAYLOR: I consider myself both. I played both slot and outside. I can do both. Whatever Coach Spurrier asked, I did.

boogieb: Baltimore is alot colder than where you guys are from do you think it will effect you playing?

JAMAL LEWIS: No, I don't think so. Being an athlete, you can adjust to any temperature. It's all about playing football

TRAVIS TAYLOR: It's colder but it shouldn't affect anything. Everybody has to play in it, why can't I play in it? It's no big deal.

aslai: jamal- you see yourself more like Marshall Faulk (pass catcher) or more like Eddie George (power running)?

JAMAL LEWIS: A combination of both, able to pound the ball and catch out of the backfield. That's what makes you a good back.

obie: anyone on the team excite you about being teammates

JAMAL LEWIS: Shannon Sharpe, because I worked out with him since I was a freshman. It's funny that we both ended up in the same place.

TRAVIS TAYLOR: I never met any of the guys. I am just excited to see some new people.

boogieb: Travis what do you hope to learn from our receiving corp

TRAVIS TAYLOR: Just to adjust to the speed of the game. Learn some new tricks, a push off here and there, some moves off the line. I know they can teach me a lot.

aslai: Any team either of you looking forward to playing this year?

TRAVIS TAYLOR: Every team for me.

foundation: will you move to baltimore?

JAMAL LEWIS: During the season.


obie: how important is getting into camp ontime to you

JAMAL LEWIS: Real important to get started, to learn the plays.

TRAVIS TAYLOR: Very important, because if you get in late, alot of people already in your position get a jump on you.

aslai: Do you think there will be any problems getting into camp on time?


TRAVIS TAYLOR: Not at all.

cbressler: How big of an adjustment do you thing it may be from college to the pro's Jamal

JAMAL LEWIS: I think coming out of the SEC, I think it'll be a little different . I think I'll come in and adjust pretty well.

aslai: Now that both of you have been drafted, did either of you have a favorite you would have been especially happy to end up with?

TRAVIS TAYLOR: I am now on my favorite team.

JAMAL LEWIS: Atlanta would have been nice, but I am happy in Baltimore. Atlanta is where my home is.

cbressler: I'll ask again , how much of an adjustment do you think there will be between college and the pro's

TRAVIS TAYLOR: Not much. I come out of a passing system at Florida that's similar to the Ravens. Right now, I have to adjust to the speed of the game.

obie: do you feel you can make an impact this year

JAMAL LEWIS: I think bringing in a RB and WR, plus Shannon Sharpe, I think the offense will improve as a whole. I think everybody will complement each other.

TRAVIS TAYLOR: I think the whole team will. Shannon Sharpe, Ismail on one side, Chris Redman at QB, Jamal at RB... it's a lot of people helping each other.

cbressler: Jamal What do you think you playing weight will be?

JAMAL LEWIS: About 235 or 236.

aslai: jamal- which do you prefer, running or catching?

JAMAL LEWIS: Catching because it puts me one-on-one with the defender most of the time.

obie: has draft day been fun or overwhelming for u

JAMAL LEWIS: It's been fun for me. I am happy to just get it over with.

TRAVIS TAYLOR: It's been fun to have family and friends get together. We just had a good time.

MODERATOR: The players have to go meet with Coach Billick now. We thank everyone for participating.

MODERATOR: The players have left the chat room. Thanks for taking part.

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