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Transcript of chat with PATRICK JOHNSON - 11/30/99 @ 7pm

MODERATOR: WR Patrick Johnson will be with us soon, please have your questions ready

MODERATOR: Patrick Johnson is in the room. . . please ask questions now.

MODERATOR: hello... Patrick is in the room. . . any questions?

ravenstrial262: Have you been in Billick's dog house or what?

PATRICK JOHNSON: I do not think so. . . he has his own plan for me and what i am doing. I am getting better each week that is all

PATRICK JOHNSON: I play hard each week... that is all i can do

ravenstrial262: I'm glad to see you starting. You could be the answer to our problems in the passing game.

PATRICK JOHNSON: i hope so. . .

ravenstrial262: Haw long is your contract Patrick?

PATRICK JOHNSON: I will be a restricted free agent after next year..

ravenstrial262: Who is the tougher corner in practice?

PATRICK JOHNSON: all of them come to practice with different things. . . they are all different .

ravenstrial262: Are you the fastest player on the team?

PATRICK JOHNSON: I am one of them. . .

PATRICK JOHNSON: speed can get you by in collage . . .but in the NFL you need to be where the qb wants you.

ken: It has been said that players mature in the game the most in their second year. Do you think that is true and if so what have you done differently this year?

PATRICK JOHNSON: last year i played more games . ..this year I have started more. . . the second year you have more time to learn the defenses. . . i understand the coverages more. . .

ravenstrial262: Do you think that with you starting you can be the help that Jermaine needs when he lines up in the slot?

PATRICK JOHNSON: i feel when i am in the game the defenses have to respect us We both can score in one play. . .they have to respect that

ravenstrial262: What did you think was going on when you got slammed in the endzone in Atlanta?

PATRICK JOHNSON: I thought it was one of my teammates. . . I took for the team

Ravenstrial1911: What was your most memorable point experience in the NFL

PATRICK JOHNSON: returning the kickoff against minn.

Ravenstrial1911: How did you feel when you were drafted by the Ravens?

PATRICK JOHNSON: i was happy the wait was over. . . i like playing for this team... i have learned to have more patients...we are getting better even though the scoreboard does not show it. it has been tough losing but we are learning

Ravenstrial1911: Were you always a wide receiver or were you another position?

PATRICK JOHNSON: i was a running back in high school. . . but since then i have been a WR

ravenstrial486: Do you feel that you will get an extension on your current contract ?

PATRICK JOHNSON: i hope to. . . it depends on what direction they want to go. . .

Ravenstrial1911: Who was your ideal growing up?

PATRICK JOHNSON: i was not a football fan growing up ... but Hershel Walker was.

Ravenstrial1911: Who got you into playing football?

PATRICK JOHNSON: a high school buddy. . . i was a skateboarder

PATRICK JOHNSON: i got to get going any last questions??

PATRICK JOHNSON: thanks everyone. . .

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